Recruitment and Selection

A recovering economy and an increase in job offers is making it increasingly difficult to find the right candidates to fill your vacancies. Qualified low to mid-level professionals are hard to find. SEP Peeters wants to make things easier by taking over your entire recruitment and selection process.

Benefits of recruitment and selection:

  • Draw on our labour market expertise
  • Take advantage of our extensive network
  • Spend less time searching for and screening the right candidates
  • Find the right candidate for the right job

Recruitment and selection method

We'll explain our work method during our first appointment. You'll tell us more about your corporate culture, the vacant position, and what you expect from your new employee. We'll use this information to create a vacancy that reflects your corporate culture and includes the relevant education and experience criteria. Finally, we will discuss the opportunities your company offers employees.

We will then get to work and draw on our extensive network to find you the right candidate. The vacancy will be published on our website and can also be published on national vacancy sites on your request.

Candidates can respond via Facebook or WhatsApp or by phone or e-mail. We will select the best candidates and conduct an initial interview. We will forward the CVs of the best candidates and hold follow-up interviews with you.

Naturally, we will keep you informed of every step in the recruitment and selection process.

You've found the right candidate. Now what?

Once you've found the right candidate through recruitment and selection, you have several options. Your company can employ the candidate while we help you draft the employment contract, or we could add the candidate to our payroll or second them to you.

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