About SEP Peeters

The history of SEP Peeters

SEP Peeters was founded in 1997 by Theo Peeters. At the time, Theo ran a successful poultry farm, but regularly found himself understaffed. This inspired him to rent a van and drive to Poland to find temporary workers. One thing led to another and soon his neighbours, friends, and acquaintances began asking him to find employees for them as well. And so, SEP Peeters was born: a job placement agency that takes over everything on behalf of its clients.

Branches in the Netherlands and Poland

We now have two branches: our Dutch headquarters in Venlo and a branch in Opole, Poland. With a total of eleven employees at our Venlo office, eight coordinators, and six employees in Poland, we assist clients in the field of job placement and human resources planning.
Our employees at both branches are familiar with the current labour market. In Opole, our employees recruit and select potential candidates from Poland and accompany them to the Netherlands, where they are welcomed and further assisted by our Dutch employees.

Ideal partner for labour mediation

SEP Peeters is the ideal partner in the field of labour mediation. We specialize in recruiting employees for the construction and metal industries, among others. This ranges from construction workers to welders and woodworkers. We can also recruit workers for packing and repacking jobs. Heavy physical work and irregular working hours are not a problem for our candidates. We want to make things as easy as possible for our clients to the extent that some of our clients outsource their entire HR planning to us. We make sure that workers arrive at the right location on time and even drop them off at work!

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