Personal contact

SEP Peeters is committed to ensuring the satisfaction of both clients and workers. In fact, our entire working method focuses on just that. We will assign you your own personal contact who will arrange everything on your behalf. If you're interested in recruitment, secondment, or both, we would be happy to meet you on your premises. This allows us to see your workplace and meet future colleagues. We will discuss your needs and wishes, the relevant tasks and activities, and the required competences. This method allows us to find the right candidates for the right job and provides you with highly motivated employees.

Workforce recruitment

Our experienced employees at both of our branches have extensive knowledge of the labour market in both the Netherlands and Poland. They will find candidates who meet your education, experience, and competence criteria. They will also make sure the candidate fits your corporate culture.

International workers

If your workers come from abroad, we will arrange their transport to the Netherlands, their accommodation and insurance, and the right tax contributions and premiums. We will also arrange their transport to and from the job site. Throughout their employment with you, we will maintain personal contact with your international workers. They can always contact us if they have any questions.

Taking care of everything for our clients

Our method aims to take care of everything for you as our client. We view recruitment and secondment as very specific needs that differ from client to client. Please let us know when you need new employees and how many you require, and we'll make sure to find them for you.

The dynamic labour market

The labour market continues to grow and change. Keeping up with these developments is time-consuming and costly for you as an employer. SEP Peeters is always aware of the latest developments in the labour market, which makes us a highly reliable business partner. Whether you have a shortage or surplus of employees, we always find the right people for your company.

Feel free to contact us for more information about our working method.

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