As part of secondment, your employee is hired by SEP Peeters, which means you bear no risk in the event of absenteeism due to illness or dismissal. This makes things much easier for you!

Advantages of secondment

  • You can hire employees for a fixed period (e.g. a project)
  • Candidates purposefully choose to be seconded, meaning they are more motivated
  • You bear no financial risk for dismissal or absenteeism due to illness
  • You understand the investment in advance

Method after recruitment and selection

Once you've started a recruitment and selection process with us, you can hire your new employee or second them to us. We will add the new employee to our payroll and assume the responsibility of employer. In this sense, secondment resembles payrolling, whereby SEP Peeters also assumes the responsibility of employer. The only difference is that with payrolling, you find your own candidates and with secondment, SEP Peeters recruits and selects candidates on your behalf.

We will create a financial overview for you in advance, based on the primary and secondary employment conditions. This means no surprises, the same monthly payments, and a much easier process for you!

Nothing is more time-consuming than arranging paperwork for a sick employee. These days, managing and minimizing absenteeism calls for expert knowledge. SEP Peeters takes on this responsibility for you as the legal employer. We will update you on the employee's recovery, in accordance with the legal guidelines. If your employee is absent for a prolonged period, we can arrange a suitable replacement.

Project-based secondment

You may find yourself in need of temporary employees for a specific project, during a peak in production, or to fill a vacancy due to maternity leave. In these cases, the period is known in advance, which makes secondment the perfect solution to finding temporary employees. When the project ends, you won't have to worry about expiring contracts, transitional fees, etc. SEP Peeters will take over all of these responsibilities for you.

For more information about secondment, please contact us.

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