SEP Peeters has established a reputation as a reliable partner in the field of recruitment and selection, secondment, and payrolling – and with good reason. Regular inspections are held to ensure that the right tax contributions are being made (Dutch Tax and Customs Administration's good payment behaviour), to uphold the quality of regulations and legislation (Federation of Private Employment Agencies, ABU), to ensure that our accommodations for international employees meet the requirements of the SNF certificate, and that all requirements are met in the field of safety and the environment (VCU certificate).

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Labour Standards Register quality mark - NEN 4400-1

Every quarter, SEP Peeters receives a statement from the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration stating that all taxes were paid correctly and on time. This means clients can rest assured that they can no longer be held liable for the payment of outstanding income and turnover taxes. One condition is that you transfer part of the invoice amount to a so-called G account. The Labour Standards Register (SNA) regularly checks to make sure we comply with the regulations governing tax contributions. If this is the case, the SNA quality mark is issued. This quality mark aims to prevent illegal immigration within the temporary employment sector.

ABU Certificate

Since 2015, we have been a member of the Federation of Private Employment Agencies (ABU), the Netherlands' largest employers' organization for temporary employment agencies, payroll companies, and recruitment and selection agencies. ABU membership symbolizes quality and reliability and therefore aligns perfectly with our philosophies. The ABU Certificate is only issued to flexible organizations that pass a strict audit. The ABU has its own CLA and checks each member for compliance.

SNF quality mark

SEP Peeters provides accommodation for its migrant workers. In order to ensure that the accommodation meets the living requirements for migrant workers, we comply with the criteria for the SNF quality mark (foundation for flexible housing standards). The SNF ensures that accommodations meet the requirements for migrant workers. Companies included in the register are inspected annually. We want to keep our migrant workers motivated, which means taking responsibility for their well-being. The SNF quality mark is a prerequisite for the ABU Certificate.

VCU Certificate

VCU stands for 'Veiligheid en Gezondheid Checklist Uitzendorganisaties' (Health and Safety Checklist for Employment Agencies). It's important to us that our flexible workers are guaranteed a safe and healthy environment, particularly when carrying out high-risk activities. The VCU Certificate goes beyond health and safety legislation. We ensure that our workers and our clients are aware of all workplace hazards, thereby helping them take the necessary precautions. This increases the involvement of both the client and the worker and helps to reduce absenteeism.

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